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This is me, Lou SavareseHi, and welcome to LouSavarese.com!

I am not sadly who you might be thinking of, the boxer, which is something I’m now accustomed to being asked!

I am an entrepreneur and businessman in the UK, I am involved in a great many projects, ventures, businesses, and other enterprises, and this is my site where I’ll share with you the latest news on what I’m involved in, as well as introducing you to my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and what they’re doing too.

My aim is to give people ideas, to show them what’s out there, and to hopefully inspire people to take control of their own lives and to drive their futures forwards in the direction that suits them the best and will make them the happiest.

Please take the time to have a good look through my site and to read all of the latest news to find out what I’m up to, my closest allies are up to, and what might work for both me and you.

Amazing New technology on The Dragons Den

Umbrands nano technologyIf you’re anything like me then you’ll love 2 things:

Firstly Dragons Den where you get to see real and highly successful entrepreneurs explaining why they will or won’t invest in a company or idea;

Secondly new technology, clever stuff that is so amazing that you can see it could change the world or the way we interact with it;

That’s why this episode on Sunday made me sit up and take notice when Tracy Baker of the US firm:


Walked through the door of the elevator to the den. [Read more...]

Getting a Divorce

Divorce Solicitors in LondonWhen a relationship breaks down and a couple decide to get a divorce it becomes a very traumatic and emotionally draining time, and this of course is just dealing with the personal level of the divorce itself.

On top of that is the necessity to make sure that financial obligations, properties, money, and everything else are shared equally and fairly, and so for this reason it is essential that professional advice is sought.

Since most divorces occur per capita in London, I am going to talk about:

Divorce solicitors London

When you have a business, either solely in one name, or shared, or if it’s a limited company that has shareholders, then divorce can become extremely complex and can also create severe additional costs. [Read more...]

Defamation and the Law

Defamation law and what to do when competitors bad mouth youToday I’m going to discuss a topic relating to an experience a friend of mine recently had where one of his competitors “bad mouthed” him, or basically tried to attack his and his businesses character publicly to try and stop people from using him, and get them to use them instead.

What can you do if this happens? (and let me tell you it’s far more common than you might think, whether it’s done in a public way or face to face with clients).

The only legal course of action really is to talk to a:

defamation solicitors

but there’s a lot you need to consider first. [Read more...]

Why You Should Never Put all of Your Eggs into Just One Basket

why you should never put all of your eggs in one basketToday I’m going to share a valuable business lesson with you about diversifying your product ranges, and rather than giving you a general lesson I’m going to give you a specific one based on actual events I learned about recently.

The industry is the vinyl flooring industry and relates to a sudden necessary change for retailers stocking Amtico flooring, and the need to have a back up range of products like, in this case:

Karndean flooring

[Read more...]

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

hand made floral wedding cakeOne of the basic things that I was told many, many years ago was that if you’re going to start a business then you should do 2 things.

  1. Choose something that you’re good at (which kind of speaks for itself really – you wouldn’t be in business for long if you don’t deliver a good product or service);
  2. Make sure that you do something you love;

I think that both of these are important, but in reality if you want to stand the test of time you need to make sure you meet both criteria and both be good at, and love the thing you do.

It always helps if you love what you do because it helps you to get through tougher times, and of course in some businesses the “love” of what you do speaks volumes.

That’s why today I’d like to tell you about Natalie Porter who makes:

wedding cakes in Essex

[Read more...]

Energy Prices to Come Under Scrutiny

Energy prices keep on rising - is it too much?We all know just how expensive energy has become and how the prices seem to keep rising time and time again, and this is something that effects people and businesses alike, so is the governments announcement of an inquiry into energy prices a good thing, or more political smoke and mirrors?

This is the Big Deal

The big deal on energy and energy costs [Read more...]

More on Umbrellas

More on umbrellasFollowing on from my last post I thought I’d go into umbrella companies in a bit more detail and explain more about them and how to choose a good one, or rather the right one for your company.

There are many umbrella companies such as:


[Read more...]

Umbrella Companies

Ian GriffinI thought I’d share with you a story about a friend of mine, successful entrepreneur Ian Griffin and the company he set up Griffin Finance (later renamed Harrington Brooks).

As Ian puts it “I helped 2 supposed friends of mine by employing them both and giving them 33% each of the company. They then arranged the sale of the company for £15 million+ without telling me, offered to buy me out at a price that didn’t reflect this deal, and so I got £1.2 million instead of the £7 million+ that I should have while they pocketed c.£10 million each.”

This is the story of:

Keith Scholey



and how they allegedly ripped off the man who set them both up for life.

[Read more...]

Please Help Find Elaine

Missing Person - Elaine Harrison of NottinghamUPDATE: It is with great sadness that I have to report that a body found in Colwick park by the Police underwater search team is that of Elaine (here) – condolences and thoughts to her family and friends in this difficult time.

I’m posting this here for a friend of mine, Andy Harrison who’s mother, Elaine Harrison disappeared without a trace on Monday 9th December 2013.

Elaine left her houseboat at Castle Marina and was seen on CCTV crossing Castle Road bridge towards Queen’s Drive, and a scarf thought to be hers was found near the Notts County football ground on Meadow Lane.

However, despite the best effort of the Police, family members, and well wishers no trace of Elaine has been found.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Elaine or what happened to her please contact the Police on phone number 101, or the Nottinghamshire Police website quoting incident number 000154-10122013.

Her family miss her terribly.

Thank you.